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Music is evolving and has catchy lyrics to keep up with the times. The current most known singers are: Shawn Mendes, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Camila Cabello, Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato. Of course, there are other singers as well; however, these are the most well-known at the moment on the radio.

Everyone knows at least one song by them. You would be lying if you said you did not know a song by them. Unless you don’t listen to the radio or pop music, you have heard of all of them or one of them.

I’ll be honest, I never understood Bieber Fever. I never had it and I most likely never will. I will admit that Justin Bieber has produced and sung some great songs. Although, none of them made me a die-hard fan. You will catch me singing “Love Yourself” or “What do you mean,” maybe even other songs sometimes. Other than that, I don’t really listen to his songs. His new song “Yummy” for example, is overrated. How many times does he actually say the word yummy in the song? When the song first came out, all I heard was that song. It was like I could not escape that song, people were singing it constantly. Everywhere, in the hallways, in class, at the stores, even at my workplace, which just so happens to be a store. I hear: “you got that yummy, yummy, yum…’ and repeat. Is that the only line in the song? No, it’s not, at least song the other lines as well. That line might be repeated many times and make up the majority of the song but there are other lines as well. The song might be somewhat catchy, that I will agree with; however, there are better songs on his album Changes

Now, let’s talk about a song I have stuck in my head. There are many songs stuck in my head but recently this song has stood out the most. You promised the world and I fell for it/I put you first and you adored it/Set fires to my forest/And you let it burn/Sang off-key in my chorus/’Cause it wasn’t yours/I saw the signs and I ignored it… This song has been on the radio quite often since it came out. Who is it about? Many wonder and suspect who it is about. But, I am not here to talk about who it could be about. Let’s discuss the feeling of the song. Everyone knows at least one person that somehow takes advantage of what you can offer. It could be a significant other, a friend, a family member, anyone close to you. Losing people is hard, especially if they have been with you for a long time. Both through death and time, we lose people. Being in a toxic relationship is something many people don’t like to talk about. Leaving is also a hard thing to do. This song states in the lyrics and in the title; lose you to love me, it is the biggest message in the song. Sometimes losing people who you don’t want to lose but have to lose will be good for you in the end. 

Other songs on the radio that have a nice beat and are very catchy are: “I Like Me Better” by Lauv, “Adore You” by Harry Styles, “Graveyard” by Halsey, “Señorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, “Heartless” by The Weekend, and of course, there are many more. However, not all the songs in the world can be named in this one post.

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Book Review:To All The Boys I’ve Loved and the Sequel: To All The Boys – PS. I Still Love You Fri, 28 Feb 2020 16:37:12 +0000 To All The Boys I’ve Loved and the Sequel: To All The Boys – PS. I Still Love You

Let’s get one thing straight, movies and books always differ from one another. Books are lengthy and can go in-depth with their content. Movies, on the other hand, can only go in-depth to a certain extent. Movies have a time limit that books do not have.

If you ever read a book before watching the movie version, you will most likely compare both and point out everything that the movie was missing from the book. I am guilty of doing this and since there are so many books that have become movies, I have done this many times.

One of my all-time favorite book series is To All The Boys by Jenny Han. Even though the series started in 2015, I did not read it until 2017. Shortly after the third book came out, I turned 15 years old. I am well known as a bookworm, a book nerd, book geek, in love with words and books overall. After I turned 15, my sister took me to Barnes and Noble to look at books. I remember the books that I got that day, I bought two books that I already read. Before I buy a book, I check it out at the library. Something that I often did was write down the titles of the books I was interested in reading, just so I could check them out at the library. I was a broke teenager who did not have a job. Now, I’m just a broke teenager who has a job… anyway, To All The Boys was added to my list along with five other books that I planned on reading during the summer. I did end up reading all ten books on my list within three weeks. Sleepless nights full of reading and deep emotions and thoughts. I honestly miss those days and nights I spent reading nonstop. Looking out the window to see the sun and realizing that once again, I stayed up reading.

My feelings towards both the movies and the books are different. I can honestly say that I love them both; however, I love the book series more. I like the details and that the books display far more details than the movie. The second movie just came out on the 12th of February on Netflix. I think it is worth the watch and I probably will be watching it over and over again. Still, there were just a few things that had me questioning if I prefer the movie or the book more. I am fine with the fact that one of the actors was changed from the preceding film. But here’s the thing that has me a bit off about the movie… it was rushed. I think the movie could have had more potential if it was not as rushed and if it included more scenes from the book. There were scenes from the books that added to the understanding of the characters and their development. Lara Jean Covey is someone every girl can relate to. She is a relatable character for every girl. She also contributes to the reason as to why so many girls have scrunchies now.

Should you watch the movie? Yes, it is worth watching. I also recommend you read the book series as well for a deeper understanding of the storyline. If you have read the series and like Jenny Han’s writing style, check out her other books. I recommend The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy or the series she is a co-author of: the Burn to Burn trilogy, she does have other great works as well.

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Spring Sports preview Fri, 28 Feb 2020 16:37:03 +0000
2019 Preble Soccer. This year’s team is looking to build on last year’s success after finishing the season with a 14-6-2 record.
2019 Boys Golf Team.
This year’s team has goals to be competitive in the FRCC and to qualify for the WIAA sectional meet.

Girls’ Track

The team looks to defend their back-to-back conference and regional titles over the past two seasons.  Led by “Team Mom” and three-time state qualifier, Aubrie Gorski, we hope to continue to build the leadership capacity in our team ranks and maintain our tradition of excellence.  It’s not too late to join our sisterhood.  See Coach Kline in Room 207.


Boys’ Track

The boys track team is looking to build off of last year’s success.  The Preble boys finished second in both the FRCC conference meet and the WIAA regional meet in 2019 are looking to recapture those titles.  Returning state qualifiers include Brett Litkey, Kahlid Mohamed, D’Angelo Dear, Kaiser Neverman, and Nick Becker.    This season over 120 boys have signed up for the team and the future looks bright!

Girls’ Soccer

Soccer had a good season last year.  The team finished the season with a 14-6-2 record, scoring the most goals in over ten years.  The season finished with a loss in regionals to a very strong Appleton West squad. They graduated four extremely talented players from last year’s team.  With the returning players, they are looking to build on the success of last year. The conference is one of the toughest in the state. Bay Port Girls Soccer has gone to state the past three years; Sheboygan North has won conference the past two years; and both Notre Dame and DePere make it deep into the tournament.  Coach Adam Ropson is looking forward to this season and watching the girls grow as a team.

Boys’ Golf

The top two players last year (Cole Hanke and Bryan Boockmeier) graduated but they return the rest of the varsity lineup. Returning players with varsity experience include Jacob Warpinski (2019 Team Most Improved), John Bailey, Izak Wiegman, Connor Novitski and Patrick Heil.  The team’s goals are to be competitive in the FRCC and qualify the team for the WIAA sectional meet.  The golf season starts on April 6th.


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School Store Re-vamp Fri, 28 Feb 2020 08:02:29 +0000 The Hornet’s Nest is Preble’s privately owned snack market. The Hornet’s Nest took a large economic hit this year when state health codes forced the zany, determined school store owner, business teacher Mark Bonetti, to remove all unhealthy products from his school store. This removed all of his best selling snacks and drinks. This cut the school store’s profits by 20% from last year’s profits. In comparison to how many store items they had to stop selling like Takis, Mountain Dew, and candy bars, this figure is quite low. 

The school store makes quite an impressive profit. The gross annual earnings definitely exceed the tens of thousands.  One might ask where this money goes?  Money made in the school store stays in school and is spent on updates like the Jumbotron in the lunchroom. The school store also gives money to clubs looking to fundraise or clubs that need startup money. 

Beyond the economic value that the school store presents to Preble, it is also a place where involved students get sales experience and volunteer hours. I interviewed the school manager, Alexis Simonet, and when asked why the school store was so special to individual students, she replied, “It is because of the products that we offer to them that are so easily accessible.  They don’t have to go anywhere.  They can just come to their school store and get these things that they want”. That closeness and convenience is the main reason that the school store still has a loyal student consumer base. 

Founder and owner of the Hornet’s Nest, Mark Bonetti, thinks that there is a comeback on the horizon for the school store. Recently he has tasked his marketing students with finding new products that fit the state health guidelines that will sell as well as last year’s best sellers. I interviewed Mr. Bonetti on struggles of the new budget and new ideas that have helped the store overcome this obstacle. He commented on his students’ vast marketing research and his recent venture into the world of technology sales. The school’s store now offers its own wireless earbuds called “Hornet Pods” and is beginning to sell phone chargers as well. 

All of this marketing research has turned the smart people behind the school store on to one product they believe will restore glory to the Hornet’s Nest. This product is called Bang Energy, and it’s the fuel for hardworking, late night studying students everywhere. This supercharged energy drink has no calories, sugar, or sodium and is used by athletes and active people around the nation. It seems as though state health reforms and drops in sales can’t damper the spirit of these proud and ingenious school store workers.

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Importance of Diversity in Society Sat, 08 Feb 2020 22:10:21 +0000 America is full of many peoples groups with different religions, cultures, languages, sexualities, and ethnicities. As of late, politics have criticized certain groups, such as the rights to homosexual marriage, and the extent of freedom of religion in education. Recently, one presidential elect has become very notorious due to being openly homosexual while campaigning, even being married to another man. There have been outbursts of recent activities within the last two decades to enable all people within the United States and other countries to have the same rights, including the Feminist movement, and the legalization of homosexual marriage in certain states. These events are representative of America’s diversity- they show different groups still exist within the country. However, many debate the importance of diversity in society.

Diversity is crucial, as it provides different mindsets. To think outside of the box, someone would need to see outside of the box. With someone who lives a different culture around them, they can learn that person’s perspective, which opens the out-of-the-box mindset we need within the workforce. It also provides an opportunity for empathy to others, which can help with communication. With communication enabled, a group can work more efficiently together. And the group can also work more efficiently due to everyone having specialization in a certain skill or task, which can only be due to individuality- which is the ultimate parameter of diversity. Diversity also allows for learning- seeing a different aspect of the world can lead to more understanding of the world without needing to leave. 

We should begin celebrating diversity further! Preble has begun, with having a diverse student population represented by student groups for all. Teens for Change is a great place to focus on minorities overall, Asian Club provides insight to the Asian culture, and Diversity Leadership focuses on our school’s amazing population as a whole! Please, continue to have differences- they are what makes our school, city, state, and country so valuable.

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Movie Review: Frozen II Sat, 08 Feb 2020 22:07:58 +0000 Frozen II

Frozen II, released November 22, 2019, Director: Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee, Cast: Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, Evan Rachel Wood, etc.

I love watching Disney movies, even though I am 17 years old. People tell me I am too old to be as intrigued as I am about upcoming Disney movies.  I will never get tired of the catchy singalong songs and the intense climax that all characters go through. From the morals that are taught by the character’s experiences to just having a film that you could watch over and over again. Disney movies are part of most childhoods and get passed down through generations.

Every Disney character has a tough upbringing. Most Disney princesses grow up with only one parent or none, which in effect, causes the majority of them to crave attention and love. Many of them end up falling for the first man they meet (usually seen as a princess falling for a prince). Anna showcased this in the first film when she fell for Hans. Asking for Elsa’s blessing, which she denies stating: “You cannot marry someone you just met.” Wise words all Disney princesses need to hear; however, they did not have an older sibling to guide them.

Fun fact: It is possible that Rapunzel and Eugene (Flynn Rider) appeared in the first film. It is mentioned in a lot of film analyzing videos of Frozen.

Now onto Frozen II, the follow up of its preceding film Frozen. The storyline differs from the first as it expands some of the ideas behind everything that was not revealed in the first movie. Scenes of young Anna and Elsa appear at the beginning of the film to introduce the concept of the film. Leading the two sisters to the adventure they then set out for. Proving the power of sisterhood and love. Then there’s Olaf, who could forget that friendly, caring, snowman who is in love with summer? Olaf plays a big role in making the movie what it is. Even though he is a side character, his actions and scenes make him just as memorable and relatable. Alongside those three, there is Kristoff and Sven, the fighting duo. The roles of each character have changed since the first film. There was character development prior to the film as well as in the film.

Character development has led to a vastly large discussion about the film regarding the appropriate audience. The film was first thought to be more towards younger age ranges (around 5-11 years of age). However, with the character development and the situations that the characters deal with in the second film, many question if it is appropriate for children ages 5-11 years of age.

The first film was released on November 27th of 2013 and the second film was released on November 22nd of 2019. There is a six-year gap between the films. When the first film was released, I was 11 years old. For the second film, I watched it as a 17-year-old. Within that six-year time gap, I have changed as a person and so has everyone else. Besides obviously aging, many of us have had to overcome challenges and still are overcoming challenges. Perhaps this is just my opinion, but I feel that the second film is targeted towards the children that grew up with the first film (those who are now teens) rather than the children who are 5-11 years of age now.

Frozen II focuses on change and overcoming obstacles, taking the positive steps towards the right thing or what is best for you. Elsa struggles with her identity and has trouble accepting help from others. This was showcased in the first film and is seen in the second film as well. Anna, although she is still figuring out who she is, helps Elsa become comfortable with herself. This all connects to teenagers as they grow up to become who they will become. Most teenagers do not know what they will do in the future. Here is an inspirational quote from the film: “Don’t give up. Take it one step at a time. Do the next right thing.” With time and the right people, you will find yourself and where you belong. Children do not struggle with self-identity and obstacles such as teenagers do. Although, in the end, I do think this is a great film for children as well since children will struggle with self-identity at some point in their future.

I really enjoyed this film and think it was very well-made. The film stayed true to what the characters are all about while still giving them some growth. Along with the new catchy soundtrack that I will not get tired of singing over and over again. The overall storyline was entertaining and gave explanations to some of the unanswered questions from the first film. Definitely a must-watch film for all ages.

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Bullying Kills Sat, 08 Feb 2020 22:07:00 +0000 Many people commit suicide because of bullying. Bullying is being verbally, physically, or even mentally abused by another person.  This can include making threats, beating up someone, harassing, and doing many more things. Bullying is not okay.  Many of the kids being bullied already have something going on in their lives, whether it’s at school, or home, or even in their personal life.The main place bullying is happening is on social media because people can hide behind a screen and say they are someone they are not. Society plays a big issue on bullying, it determines what you’re supposed to be, how you’re supposed to act, and how to fit in. But, the truth is that it is not how you should be. Now that you know a little background on bullying, I’m going to share my story. 7th grade was when it all started. You see, I was dealing with some of my own problems and I didn’t really get along with the other students and the individuals just hated me, calling me really nasty things. Then, 8th grade came around and wow, was that a challenging year for me! In the summer of 2018, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I was not going to school,skipping class, and failing all my classes. I was a cutter, I use to have cuts all the time and if people saw them, I would say the cat did it or come up with some lie. In February 2019, I went to go live with my dad in hopes of getting better but that did not work- I was still doing the same stuff. The rest of the summer, I was in someone’s care; always being watched because the cutting and depression got worse. I felt completely hopeless and felt like there was nothing left on this earth for me. Then, freshman year hit. I felt ready but also scared to see what this year would bring, and, turns out, I became happy and felt like I mattered and like I belonged on this earth, like I had a purpose. I met a lot of great friends. I also lost a lot of great friends but my grades are great. I am very happy, but yes I am still dealing with depression to this day. I just want anyone to know if you feel alone, or like you are better off dead- talk to an trusted adult or anyone. I promise there is worth in this world. YOU ARE WORTH IT and you mean so much, to so many people. You’re only human, humans make mistakes but we also learn from them. I promise- suicide is not the answer.

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Discrimination within Preble Sat, 08 Feb 2020 22:06:05 +0000 Walking among the halls of Preble, there are many diverse people to view. One can see many different cultures, languages, gender orientations, and religions. However, a common problem that has been seen as of late is the constant verbal discrimination towards people for their differences. This is not in accordance with the District’s bullying policy; however, it is very often not reported and can lead to disputes between individuals.

It is not uncommon for me to walk with my Muslim friends and hear terrorism jokes within the six minutes we have to reach the next class. I also hear yells of “go back where you came from!”. This is not to guilt anyone, we all have said regretful things, however, this is not acceptable, ever. The person under the hijab is just that- a person, with living emotions. The transgender person without transitioning is just that- a person, with living emotions. Recently, there has been an onslaught of fights between individuals regarding such comments. Yes, the current politics involve many minority rights disputes, yet we are here in school to learn. We must remember, for everyone’s sake, that those people are more than just a minority group- they are people.

Please, to all those who look on to such verbally abusive taunts and harsh words towards these lovely people, take a stand. If it is your friend, tell them to “knock it off” and don’t be afraid to speak up to teachers and other staff.

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Newest School Updates in the District Sat, 08 Feb 2020 22:03:37 +0000 In early 2017, the school board gathered together and voted on the new “Redesign 2020” program. This program was designed to create further initiatives in the district, attracting more student populations and extending the amount of space the currently cramped population has. The Redesign program enables this growth via three phases over the three years.

The first phase is merely initiation. This began with a faculty survey, which analyzed the staff’s willingness to work with newer spaces and the need for resources within the classroom. Following this, there was a public referendum in April 2017, asking for funds to expand the district; there was a seventy percent agreement vote with this program among the public. This was an agreement to raise $68,250,000 in construction via tax money.

The second phase addressed Preble’s needs after the first phase dismissed this. A task force was assembled to support this effort in the program and met with the Board of Education on June 5th, 2018 to change boundaries between the east and west side schools in hopes of decreasing such an immense student population within the east side. They made plans based upon a survey given to students and faculty in the spring of 2019.

The third phase is currently in motion. This is the deliberate planning of architecture and has already been in progress for several months. Recently, there have been additions to Edison Middle School’s lunchroom, Martin Elementary School’s gymnasium, Danz Elementary School’s classroom spaces, and merging Jefferson Elementary and Fort Howard Elementary schools together. This redesigning program is hoped to be completed within 2020, with additional time into 2021.

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ACT Prep Wed, 05 Feb 2020 23:50:55 +0000
Preble is preparing for the juniors to take the ACT on Tuesday, March 3.

The ACT is an entrance exam used by most colleges and universities to make admissions decisions. It is a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test administered by ACT, Inc. The ACT can dictate where you go and how much financial aid you may receive. The ACT is important. It is important mostly for how you prep, not how much you prep. It is important to understand what each of the four sections wants. 

  • English section– Reading parts of a passage and changing, adding, or removing parts of that passage. The English section relies heavily on the test takers’ ability to recognize English conventions. 
  • Reading section – The reading section is reading a passage and answering questions based on the passage. No questions will be asked that cannot be found or interpreted from the section. 
  • Math section – The math section, for the most part, asks algebra, geometry or trigonometry questions. 
  • Science reasoning section – The science section involves reading and interpreting charts and graphs and answering experiment-based questions.

Test books are an amazing way to study. These books often use real ACT tests from previous years. However, buying some textbooks are better for specific sections. For example, if you feel you may be weaker in the math section, it might not be a bad idea to buy a math strategies textbooks. 

Buying textbooks is not for everyone. Many websites offer free and easy tips for the ACT. Some websites also offer practice tests or older released ACT tests. 

Study sessions are available at Preble. Visit Preble’s website to see the next available session. The next ACT test is on April 4th. You can register on the ACT website by February 28th to take the test.

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